Thursday, 22 September 2011

DIOR gowns and a new collaborative project!

Laced with Love is really excited to be taking part in a new collaborative project - 24 MODELS IN 24 HOURS.

It's a collaboration between local fashion photographers Ewan Mathers and Holly Booth, along with 24 models and 24 different designers. The project is running from 8am until 8am the following day and the idea is to photograph a model every hour in different looks.....the result being 24 beautiful images showing the creativity the UK has to offer.

The theme for the project is Italian Vogue which gives us the opportunity to let creativity flow and create a couture gown. Looking to Dior for inspiration, I came across this fab video showing what goes into creating a couture gown showing a dedicated team with superior skills and craftmanship. There's a reason couture gowns are so expensive!

Also on the subject of Dior, I have to mention their latest advertising campaign for Dior J'adore fragrance. The advert features Charlize Theron hitting the catwalk and digitally enhanced scenes of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Marlene Dietrich getting ready back stage. The video is shot in a way that it makes all of the actresses appear to be in the same place, bringing Marilyn Monroe back to life. If you've not seen the advert take a look here.....

After watching these inspirational videos, I cannot wait to begin work on the couture gown and take part in the 24models24Hours project!


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